"I have played in quite a few mouthpieces in my day but when I play my Syos, it just feels right! I don’t have to fight to get a clear sound and the playability is through the roof! Jamming over numerous styles of music with different levels of dynamics has become less a volatile endeavor for me. What I most like about the mouthpiece is the ability to achieve my personal sound. Creativity and innovation attracts me! My Syos checks off all of my boxes!"
CharlieRay is a Saxophonist/Musical Producer/Musical Director from Atlanta.
CharlieRay has 10 years of experience working alongside the executive team of The BBKING All-Star Band. CharlieRay specializes in Musical Composition and is responsible for educating other musicians on using progressive systems and applications, including production software, communication procedures and strategy building. 

CharlieRay is a powerful force in the workplace and uses his positive attitude and tireless energy to produce professional projects; encouraging others to work hard and succeed. CharlieRay hopes to use his platform to inspire the youth to find their passion promoting a healthy lifestyle.

CharlieRay is inspired daily by his Wife, two daughters and son. In his free time, CharlieRay likes to play Saxophone, Basketball and watch movies with his family.

CharlieRay has performed all over the world. He has toured with several RnB And Blues artists such as Marvin Sease, Calvin Richardson, Sir Charles Jones, Joe and many others. In 2023 CharlieRay celebrates the release of his debut Ep “OMMI” which is currently streaming on all music platforms.

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