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Its All Good, thank you very much, i like it.


Oh my gosh I love this mouthpiece. Took me a couple of weeks to find reeds I was happy with (the Fibracells I had been using were a bit buzzy, but D'Addario Select Jazz seem to suit it just fine) and now I just love it. Can go from a whisper to a roar and the altissimo just jumps out. Very happy :)

Soprano Smoky

Wow. What a wonderful mouthpiece. So smooth and easy to play. Customer service was great too. Would recommend Syos to every sax player

Alto Saxophone reeds box
Mylène chabaud
Très bien

Va bien

Alto Saxophone reeds box
Patrick Guignard
Alto reeds box 3

Top. Passage du 2,5 au 3 avec un Smoky ouverture 6, ça marche !

Really loving this mouthpiece, as it is easy to play up and down the horn without undue strain. Exceptional tone quality and intonation. I also am finding the somewhat larger size fits more comfortably than my last mouthpiece, creating less tension in the jaw and overall embouchure.

Un plaisir retrouvé

Mon 1er Syos, un réel plaisir, une facilité d’exécution et de passage d’un registre à l’autre. Reste plus qu’à apprivoiser l’ouverture bien plus grande que sur mon ancien Vandoren BD5. Mais les premiers instants étaient juste au top.

The more I play it, the more I like it

Was skeptic at first, but now this is the first mouthpiece in 6 years that I like more than my old Meyer. It can do everything my old mpc can do, and I no longer struggle to cut through in a big band. Return policy makes it worth a try at least.

Simply Great!

Performs very well!

Great job

Love that fact you never have to soak the reed initially , just play

Ténor Smoky

J'ai mis quelques temps à apprivoiser Ténor (Yanagisawa) et Smoky (en blanc, ça pète !).
Le choix des anches est également important.
A présent, j'ai trouvé le son que je recherchais avec une émission relativement facile, mais toujours un peu fragile.
Il reste toujours à travailler.

smoky 6

super !

Comme un nouvel instrument

Je suis très content de ce bec qui produit le son doux et mat recherché. De plus, il élargit la palette dynamique de l'instrument, facilitant l'émission notamment dans le registre pianissimo souvent employé quand je joue des ballades.
Accessoirement, combiné à la sourdine Saxmute et l'anche Légère "french cut", il est facile de rester dans une faible pression acoustique quand je veux travailler sans déranger les voisins... Ce qui donne à ce bec un intérêt supplémentaire pour l'étude.

Alto Saxophone reeds box
Bertrand Dubart
Anche remarquable !

Un son chaud, clair et ample, avec une émission facile. Une anche très polyvalente !

Reed holder
geoffrey travis
Reed Holcers

SYOS reed holders hold the reeds securely while allowing them to be effortlessly removed even if they are stuck. They also keep the reeds free from staining unlike many reed-holders which promote blacck dirty looking marks. Get the coloured reed holders avoiding the black (if they still make them). The variety of colours allows for colour-coding if you use multiple mouthpieces.

Très bien

Anches 2,5 et 3 Conformes à mes attentes pour sax ténor.

Excellent mouthpiece.

I found the perfect result with smooth and clean sound

Great reeds, great company to deal with

I love these reeds! I also really appreciate Syos. They know how to do business and treat the customer right. I would never hesitate to purchase from them. They are great.

Get to know the mouthpiece

I bought a Todd Marcus Bass Clarinet SYOS mouthpiece.....Was looking for something with lots more projection than a Vandoren B44. Reading the other reviews and checking out Todd's live videos, I liked what I was hearing and reading. I've played many styles of music over 35+ years, predominantly jazz, Latin and a few others mixed in. I was previously using Java #4 green box tenor sax reed on my B44 Vandoren and struggled to be heard in a jazz combo/big band scenario.

When I received the SYOS mouthpiece I struggled to even make a sound, was producing squeeks everywhere...I was confused and was considering a refund. However, I came back to the SYOS a few days in a row, gradually dropping reed sizes. I'm now playing on a #2 Vandoren Blue box OR #2 Legere Signature......And am getting what I wanted. I get So much more projection with an increased dynamic range (double). I can't imagine going back. Has cleared up the fuzzy notes on my Wooden LeBlance Bass Clarinet. I Love it...Recommended....Expect to Drop a couple of reed sizes.. Be Patient.


RAS, les anches remplissent parfaitement leur fonction !
Produit excellente

It's perfect for everything I needed. Boosts my power and gives me increased range. Overall one of my favorite mouthpieces to own.

Great all-rounder

I bought this after drinking beer and watching Tivon Pennicott play on this mouthpiece. I was convinced that if I bought this then I could sound like him. When was sober I regretted ordering it and nervously waited for it to come. But I was not disappointed! I do NOT sound like him, but I am delighted with this mouthpiece. It is very easy to play and delicious in the lower register. But it still has power when pushed and a nice little edge. Is this due to the secret ripples inside? I’m going to stick with this for some time and get to know it. Also…amazing value!

The Best Soprano Mouthpiece

I am a 86 year old retired musician and have not played for a long time.
Last year I decided to take up the soprano again and tried a couple of top
brand mouthpieces but I was not a 100% happy. I came across SYOS 3D
printed mouthpieces on Dan Forshaw YouTube channel and thank's to him
I decided to try the steady with a 7 tip opening, Incredible that is only way I can describe it it is the best mouthpiece I have ever used on a Soprano Sax
The steady gives you a full dark sound but also bright and power when you

need it.

très facile, la seule difficulte yrouberej