How to Play Fast, Longer Lines on Saxophone: Tips from Ryan Devlin

How to Play Fast, Longer Lines on Saxophone: Tips from Ryan Devlin

Struggling to play long, flowing lines on your saxophone? Pro saxophonist Ryan Devlin shares 3 key concepts and a bonus tip to help you elevate your playing. Check out the article and video for more!

Hey everyone, Ryan Devlin is here with another video from the Syos Jazz series!

This video offers valuable advice for saxophonists who want to play fast, longer lines.

Ryan here, highlights three key concepts:

  1. Articulation: Develop evenness and finger independence by practicing scales with a metronome, slurring notes and then using different rhythmic patterns.

  2. Connector Phrases: Learn "connector phrases" which are like Lego pieces that can be used to connect different musical ideas. These can be chromatic passages or phrases that work well on specific chords.

  3. Landing Points: Just like a plane needs a landing strip, musical phrases need a destination. Practice thinking in terms of specific bars or beats where you want your phrase to land. This helps avoid "run-on sentences" in your playing.

Ryan also recommends transcribing solos from renowned saxophonists like Coltrane and Brecker, who are known for their long lines. Players can use apps like Amazing Slow Downer to slow down the solos and analyze how these musicians use articulation, connector phrases, and landing points.

By practicing these tips, transcribing solos, and continuing to play, saxophonists can improve their ability to play smooth, long lines.

I hope you will enjoy it!