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The 10 essential accessories for saxophones

From the strap to cigarette paper, discover the list of accessories that you must have in your saxophone case to be a fully-equipped musician!

The 10 essential accessories for saxophones

Here is a list of saxophone accessories, classified from most useful to most extravagant.

The strap, or harness

The saxophone is a pretty heavy instrument. Without a strap / harness, it's not the most comfortable instrument to play. But do not fret there are plenty of solutions: from a simple strap to an entire exoskeleton of a the harness. With an adapted strap you can avoid back pain and have a very straight column of air for a gorgeous sound!

The saxophone case

The case is essential to safely transport your saxophone. They come in both rigid and softer lightweight versions (often made of nylon). It is necessary to find a good compromise between transport and use. If you travel a lot and in serene conditions, opt for a flexible one. If you are transporting you sax short distances in more extreme conditions, a rigid saxophone case is best for you.

Swabs and grease

As we mentioned in our article on saxophone maintenance, swabs and grease will allow you to maintain your saxophone every day. The swab can be used to remove moisture and polish the metal, whereas the grease nourishes the corks and can serve as a lubricant for the saxophone neck.

Tripod or stand

During a concert or a rehearsal, the tripod or stand will be useful to put your saxophone down safely without having to disassemble it. You can find stands for all kinds of saxophone.

The cushions

Protective cushions allow you to avoid damaging your mouthpiece with your upper teeth. Cushions are also, and above all, a good way to maintain a stable embouchure. Place them on the beak (see The anatomy of the saxophone mouthpiece), near the tip of the mouthpiece.

Syos mouthpiece cushions

At Syos, we provide translucent pads: they are light and discreet but still efficient, get them here. This essential accessory will perfectly protect your mouthpiece from your teeth, and yourself from the uncomfortable vibrations!

Cigarette paper

Cigarette paper will be useful in many situations. It will help you prevent the pads from sticking (see The saxophone maintenance), to compensate for used cork in the neck, to maintain your mouthpiece or even as a lower teeth guard to avoid hurting your lower lip.

The lip protector

Better than cigarette paper, you have thermoformable lip protectors. It's a paste that you can adjust to the shape of your teeth. Your lower lip will be spared from injury and you can enjoy a new level of comfort of play.

The reed case

You can store your reeds in the “reed guard” provided upon purchase, or alternatively in a reed case. These are very pratical for sorting your reeds according to strength, brand... Some boxes are even humidity controlled to keep them in good shape.

The reed cutter

Ressurecting your reeds? This is possible with the reed cutter. With age reeds often become weaker, however with a reed cutter you can snip the end off and give them a new lease of life ... After all, you have nothing to lose!

The mute

Unlike the trumpet, it is very difficult to mute a saxophone as the sound is not only emitted from the bell, but also from the keys along the sides of the saxophone. There are several styles of mute. Some in the form of foam disks or cylinders placed in the mouthpiece, neck and bell, and others that encompass the entire saxophone. You can also purchase deflectors which allow you to practice softly, whilst still being able to hear yourself as the sound is refected back to you.

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