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Victor Raimondeau's inspiration playlist!

Victor Raimondeau told us about the songs that inspire him or that he simply enjoys! Check it out!

Victor Raimondeau is a renowned French saxophonist, who has played with famous French groups such as Deluxe or Caravan Palace. Today, he's introducing us to a few songs that have been truly inspirational to him, or ones that have built his complex musical universe.

So, if you want to step into his shoes, or more appropriately ears, it's time to get listening:

  • Gogo Penguin - Unspeakable World :
  • Goodnight Moon - Boogie Belgique :
  • Youngblood Brassband - Brooklyn :
  • Polynation - Why You :
  • Guillaume Perret & Electric Epic - Shoebox :
  • Roy Hargrove - Ruby My Dear :
  • Break Science - Android Love:
  • Moon Hooch - Give Yourself to Love :
  • Meute - You & Me :
  • Bakermat - Baianà :