Berg Larsen saxophone mouthpieces and Syos saxophone mouthpieces have a very different history. The first brand was created in 1945. First known for its hard rubber mouthpieces, Berg Larsen worked in a second time on more durable materials such as metal. The Syos brand has been created in 2016 by two researchers in acoustics. It differs from the other brand by making 3D printed custom saxophone mouthpieces. With these two different mouthpiece makers that make high quality saxophone mouthpieces, why choosing a brand more than the other?
Berg Larsen Syos
Sound quality
Easy to play
Non-toxic certification
Traditional manufacturing
Classical sound
Jazz sound
Available in several colors

Berg Larsen mouthpieces & Syos mouthpieces main characteristics

Berg Larsen has a wide range of mouthpieces with different openings, chamber sizes and table lengths. For the making process, craftsmen use at least ten different machining steps to create a mouthpiece. Each product is then hand finished. The brand has hard rubber mouthpieces for all types of saxophone and metal mouthpieces for alto sax, tenor sax and baritone saxophone. In addition, there are specific Berg Larsen tenor saxophone mouthpieces models (the « Tenor Bullet » in bronze or steel for live & studio recording, the « Tenor Duckbill » in bronze or steel with a hard rubber insert, or the « Tenor Vintage » in steel and bronze for a 50’s spirit). THe accessories (ligatures and caps) are provided with the product.

Syos approach is different since the start-up make 100% custom mouthpieces, for a perfect fit between the musician and its instrument. It is based on a unique technology coming from IRCAM laboratories, one of the most famous acoustic research lab in the world. It results in thousands of mouthpiece shape possibilities for all types of saxophone: soprano, alto, tenor, baritone but also sopranino, C-melody and bass saxophone mouthpieces. Syos uses only ABS polymer which gives an increased resistance and durability. This material is also non-toxic, unlike other materials used by different saxophone mouthpiece makers. 10 colors are available. For accessories, Syos have alto and tenor ligatures compatible with most standard hard rubber mouthpieces (Otto Link, Meyer, Vandoren...), and soprano and baritone ligature compatible with Syos mouthpieces only. In addition, Syos has its own models of mouthpiece cushions to protect your mouthpiece. And if you are looking for the same mouthpiece as your favorite Syos artist, you can order the exact same model signed by the artist. All Syos saxophone mouthpieces are provided with a a cushion and you can buy an additional ligature and a cap.

Most popular Berg Larsen mouthpieces & Syos alternatives

The most popular Berg Larsen mouthpieces are:

Syos signature Tenor mouthpiece - Tivon Pennicott 6* ou 7

Berg Larsen Tenor mouthpiece in bronze 95/2 SMS or 100/2 SMS

It corresponds to a Berg Larsen mouthpiece in bronze, opening 95 or 100, with a "round tone" (2) chamber and a short facing length.

Syos signature Baritone mouthpiece - Victor Raimondeau 7

Berg Larsen Baritone mouthpiece in steel 110/2 SMS

It corresponds to a Berg Larsen mouthpiece in steel, tip opening 110 with a "round tone" (2) chamber and a short facing length.

Most popular Berg Larsen tenor saxophone mouthpieces have a tip opening of 100 thousandths of an inche, which is a quite standard tip opening for a jazz mouthpiece. It is small enough to play very easy compared to a mouthpiece with big opening which demands more work. Regarding materials, the musicians will appreciate the hard rubber much more than steel or bronze, due to the comfort and the sensations in the mouth.

With Syos, no more questions about which material is the best: all the mouthpieces are made in the same material, the ABS polymer, which is resistant and non-toxic. SInce they are custom-made, the idea is not to get a standard model but to create on unique model adapted to what you are looking for. You fill a form on Syos website indicating the type of saxophone, your playing style, the tone color you prefer, your current setup... An expert in acoustics from Syos can guide you and help you to precise your need. You have then 30 days to try the custom mouthpiece you receive, with the possibility to ask for adjustments to get it even closer to your need. To find a Syos equivalent to the Berg Larsen product and even something closer to your need, you just have to fill a form. You will then join thousands of users that chose a Syos custom mouthpiece to end the eternal compromise between comfort / toxicity / acoustic qualities.

To sum up, these two brands have their own identity but both have products with high acoustic qualities. Between the authenticity of Berg Larsen mouthpieces and the 100% custom and innovative Syos mouthpieces: it is up to you!