Andrea Abbadia

Andrea Abbadia

"Finally, with the help and the experience of Dario Cecchini, the Syos team has created the ideal mouthpiece for my vintage baritone! Power, intonation, ease of emission and big sound. Everything a saxophonist looks for in the embouchure can be found in Syos! From the first moment I tried it, I met a new and inseparable best friend!”

Andrea Abbadia is an italian composer, multi-instrumentalist and arranger.

He began studying the clarinet under the guidance of Maestro Piero Pellecchia at the age of 7 at the Academy of Music in Calvi Risorta (Caserta). At the age of 10 he joined the Città di Calvi Risorta band under the guidance of Maestro Luigi Formicola until he became its 1st Clarinet. Andrea has participated in several band concerts as 1st Clarinet since 2000.

Graduated laude from the Conservatory of Music in Perugia, he obtained a Master's degree in Jazz Saxophone and a Master's degree in Theory and Practice of Ensemble Music Training under the guidance of Paolo Damiani, Javier Girotto, Rita Marcotulli, Roberto Gatto etc.

Andrea won the award “Talento caleno nel mondo” after the release of his debut album Maschere. He's since placed himself among the best Italian baritone saxophonists, playing in major jazz festivals such as Umbria Jazz, the Festival of Two Worlds in Spoleto, Bergamo Jazz, Marigliano in Jazz, Lisciano in Jazz, Think Jazz, Bach festival, international jazz day, Castel Jazz festival. just to name a few.

Andrea Abbadia plays with a FUNK OFF Baritone Signature mouthpiece 8.