Cédric Thimon - Syos

Cédric Thimon

Syos doesn't hold back. It's not for the faint of heart. It's smooth, comfortable, one of your best friends!


"As a saxophonist, Cédric Thimon was mostly self-taught by listening to legends such as Dexter Gordon, Ornette Coleman, Éric Dolphy... before getting into contemporary writing (pieces for piano, trumpet and string ensemble) which led him to collaborate with musicians such as Chris Corsano, Noël Akchoté, Thomas Belhom, Steven Bernstein, Alban Darche, Paul Rogers, Arnaud Benoist, Will Guthrie, André Verchuren... Cédric likes to develop several aesthetics: from free and compulsive jazz... to sensitive, resonant and stripped-down folk." F. Tositti

He attended Jazz à Tours with Pierrick Menuau, the IACP of the Belmondo brothers and the CNR of Nantes where he obtained a degree in Music studies, specializing in jazz in 2005. Simultaneously, he studied writing and composition with Heriberto Paredes, Martin Moulin and Dominique le Voadec. He spent 4 years at the Nantes conservatory.

Since 2010 Cédric has been working for the NAJA/Pannonica to promote improvised music and jazz to younger audiences in the region of Loire Atlantique. He leads the R&O workshop and the jazz course. In addition, he is developing the IMPROVIZATA workshop (concert and master class for younger audiences) during festivals. He is also the author of two recent creations supported by the Europa jazz in 2018 "Viens Jouer" and by the Pannonica in 2017 "Radix".

He plays with bands Marabout Orkestra, Animat, Glück, Slurp BB and Zephyrologie. He has toured all over the world. His numerous collaborations have led him to record about thirty LPs, and perform in over 1500 concerts.