Tommy Pratomo - Syos

Tommy Pratomo

Syos mouthpieces: beautiful colors with a beautiful and powerful sound!!


Tommy Pratomo was born and raised in Jakarta, Indonesia.

Tommy started his career as a singer,and after buying his first saxophone in 2008, his love for music grew considerably.

Tommy recorded and released his first album, entitled TnD, in 2015. In the album, listeners can hear how he blends jazz anak negeri feel with his raw and rough song signature sound. He later got featured in concerts, tours, albums, movie scores,tv commercials,and other ventures.

He played at the Java Jazz festival on mutliple occasions, as well as the World Folklore Championship in Bulgaria, the Mangkunegaran jazz festival, the Singapore Jazz Festival, and the World Youth Jazz festival, in Kuala Lumpur.

Tommy has also played with many Indonesian musicians, of many different genres, including pop, rock, jazz and others.

He is currently working on releasing singles and many collaborations with other artists, in which his signature sound is instantly recognisable.

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