We asked you to share your Syos experience in order to be featured on our social media ads and we received great videos! 

Here are the one we've selected so far! Congratulations to the winners :)

Ricard Quintas plays on a César Poirier Signature B Flat Clarinet mouthpiece.

Alexandre Jian plays on a Tenor Originals Spark mouthpiece in a 7 opening.

William Frickstad plays on a Zem Audu signature mouthpiece (discontinued)


Bruno Barkats plays on a Yanick Coderre Signature Soprano mouthpiece.

 Leszek Nowotarski plays all the Originals collection for tenor.


If you'd like to be the next star to appear in our ads (and win €200 in gift cards), you can do so by sending us your videos.

Today, we need two types of video content:

1) A comparison video

In this video, you play a piece with the mouthpiece you had before Syos, then with your new favorite Syos mouthpiece.

Once you've done that, you'll share with us what you think and why you prefer the Syos mouthpiece.

2) A testimonial video

The purpose of this video is to share your experience and convince someone who has never tried our mouthpieces to do so.

To make this video usable, simply follow these 4 steps:

Step 1: You start with the phrase "I've tested the Syos mouthpiece" and share your experience.

Step 2: Explain how you discovered Syos and why you decided to buy this mouthpiece.

Step 3: Then give your reasons for being satisfied with your mouthpiece.

Step 4: End with the sentence: "If you play saxophone/clarinet, I highly recommend Syos!

Of course, you're free to give any feedback you like, but you must make sure you follow the 4 steps in order.

You can also complete the video by playing a little saxophone or clarinet with your Syos mouthpiece!

Another important point...

For your videos to be usable, make sure that:

  • You're filming in vertical format
  • You have good lighting
  • You have good sound quality (sound should not be distorted)
  • You shoot in portrait format, neither too close nor too far from the camera.

 Once you've finished?

 You can send us your videos at video@syos.co

 If your video is selected for broadcast by Syos, you'll win a €200 gift card to spend on our website.

 And of course, we'll mention your name every time we use your video.