Masato Jaike - Syos

Masato Jaike

Syos mouthpieces let you have control over the instrument evenly in all registers with consistent feel. I suppose many players have bought dozens of mouthpieces to find the ones that suits them and I was no exception. But the search is now over. Syos mouthpieces have solved the issues I had with the other counterparts, and I think they will be effective for those who have similar problems.They are also great for beginners who are just starting to play saxophone, to have more control without difficulty. We saxophone lovers may have entered a new era. I would like to thank Syos for pointing in and leading us to a new direction.


Masato Jaike is a jazz saxophonist, composer and music educator based in Sapporo, Hokkaido, northern Japan. While working in a variety of genres of music such as pop, latin, classical and hip hop, he plays his original jazz compositions inspired by the unique climate of northern Japan.

He has released several recordings as a leader in addition to appearing on many recordings as a sideman. He collaborates with both domestic and foreign musicians and performs in more than 250 live shows a year including jazz festivals.

Notable recent performances include Sapporo City Jazz, one of the biggest jazz festivals in Japan with Sapporo Jazz Ambitious led by a pianist David Matthews and Korea Tour in 2018 and 2019.