Pae Sax - Syos

Pae Sax

A well-designed mouthpiece for recording and on stage for a sax player. What I like most because they are practical for my 2 different types of works.

I am passionate about its lightweight, easy to carry, convenient to use, but very high quality. For me Syos is a world class mouthpiece that a Saxophone Artist would love.

Since 2003, after MILD Band had winning “Panasonic Star Challenge” and launched their first Album with Nano Record. In 2010, launched their album call “Ma Show” and then another album, “MI4D” in 2013 with Spicy Disc.

2014, “1235 MILD Live Concert” has shown at April 4, 2014 at Thunder Dome, Muang Thong Thani and 4,500 tickets sold out.

2018, “MI4DX Concert” has shown at September 14, 2018 at Thunder Dome, Muang Thong Thani and 5,000 tickets sold out.

2020, launched his first solo saxophone album called “Confession” which he produced by himself with Melodic Corner.


2021, Jazz a minute, a program to find an Emerging Jazz Singer on youtube.

PAE SAX: Music Director, Creator, Host, Jury

 2022, Jeed Jazz, TV and youtube program. A Live music show about Jazz and Famous Thai Artists these days.

PAE SAX: Music Director, Arranger, Artist, Creator, Host


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