Pierre-Antoine Badaroux - Syos

Pierre-Antoine Badaroux

Too often, the musician instruments makers and the musicians belong to distant worlds, which turns opaque for one, the practice of the other. Working with Pauline in implementing the production of an “ideal” sound is an very enriching, fun and inspiring experience. What offers Syos, except for the wonderful opportunity of a custom-made mouthpiece, is a fascinating process of exchange, definition, experiment, adjustment, which accompanies the building of the mouthpiece and turns it into a very privileged moment for every musician.


Pierre-Antoine Badaroux, saxophone player, composer, producer and teacher, is an active member of contemporary European musics. His work focuses on an exploration of the relationships between music writing, composition, predefined, undefined and improvised forms. All those concerns are deeply rooted inside his multiple productions: as a performer in the Hodos ensemble, a composer in his sextet, a solo improviser, an archivist as producer and member of Umlaut Records label, a teacher at Lille conservatory, a be-bop deconstruction worker with Peeping Tom quartet or a rebuilder of the music and dance from the 30s with the Umlaut Big Band.