Stephen King - Syos

Stephen King

I have such a deep appreciation for Syos and their mouthpieces. I’ve been able to grow my sound with them as are extremely versatile, giving me the option to pivot and redirect flawlessly when I want to adjust anything with my sound. These are definitely mouthpieces that will grow as you grow.


Stephen "Gritz" King is a Connecticut born and raised alto saxophonist, keyboardist, and producer. He has played on various stages from New York’s Brooklyn Bowl & Rockwood Music Hall, to New Haven music staples such as Cafe 9 & The Statehouse, along with many other places. His sound has the influence of soul, r&b, gospel, Black American music, Neo-soul with a hint of Broadway. As a creator, Gritz has produced all of his released music, music for children’s books, and has created and tracked horn parts for various artists. His goal in music is to create authentic sounds that make the listener feel.

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