Temilayo Abodunrin - Syos

Temilayo Abodunrin

Syos is the best. The texture and ease of play from low register to high register is unbeatable. I also got to choose colors which are special and unique to me. The ability to customize how I like it makes me feels so connected and in love with my Syos mouthpiece.


Temilayo Abodunrin is a 12 year old saxophonist prodigy from Nigeria who is using her music to inspire her audiences. She started learning the saxophone at the age of 6.

Temilayo Abodunrin has been able to put up a lot of hard work playing the sax and schooling at the same time. Education is indeed key!

Temilayo wants her music to align with the New Testament commandment to love God and our neighbours as ourself and this has opened up various opportunities for her to perform gospel songs, love songs, Afro beats songs and inspirational songs at naming ceremonies, birthdays parties, weddings, churches, concerts and company anniversaries. She aspires to use her talent to push good music both home and abroad and this has inspired her to make so many music covers all available on her social media.

Temilayo has collaborated with many other artists and all songs are available on digital platforms.

She has been privileged to share the same stage with great musicians in Nigeria and also had the privilege of performing in the United State of America.

Temilayo at the age of 8 was the youngest performer to be featured on a TEDx stage in Nigeria at TEDx Bowen University and she has also been interviewed on local media organizations and also international media organizations such as BBC and CGTN (China Global Television Network)

This talented young saxophonist is presently working with the one and only Bankulli, an eminent talent manager, and Rotimikeys a renowned award winning producer on her first official single which was released in Aug 14th 2019 to critical acclaim.

Temilayo Abodunrin is very active on social media where she uploads her music to inspire her audience and other children.