Results of the #Syoslove contest

Results of the #Syoslove contest

Here are the top 3 videos we received for the #Syoslove contest!

On the 23th of February 2023, in order to celebrate the month of love, I asked you to send us videos where you would say why you love your Syos mouthpiece. At that time, I really wouldn't have expected receiving so many great videos from all around the world! Thank you all for sending these videos, it was really heartwarming to watch them all!

So, as you expect, it was really difficult to choose the best ones among all these awesome videos!

All the Syos team voted and here is our top 3:

Number 1 wins a Custom mouthpiece.

Number 2 wins a Signature mouthpiece.

Number 3 wins an Originals mouthpiece.

As we actually have two ex aequo, they can choose if they prefer a Signature or an Originals.