How does it work ?

Describe the sound and playing characteristics you are looking for on our online questionnaire in a few minutes. Don't hesitate to add as many details as you want, so we can really understand your needs precisely.

We design a unique mouthpiece, that will help you get the sound you want more easily.

We craft your mouthpiece within a few days (it usually takes 2 to 5 days) and send it to you.

You receive the mouthpiece and have30 days to try it. If the mouthpiece is perfect for you, it's great! If you feel that something needs to be improved, contact our customer service ( to talk about the modifications, and we will send you a new improved mouthpiece!

At the end of the process, you keep the model you love and you send us back the other mouthpiece(s).

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Custom B-flat
B-flat Custom Clarinet MouthpieceB-flat Custom Clarinet Mouthpiece
B-flat Custom Clarinet Mouthpiece
Sale price$269.00
Bass Custom Clarinet MouthpieceBass Custom Clarinet Mouthpiece
Bass Custom Clarinet Mouthpiece
Sale price$269.00