Shipping policy

Shippings methods and countries

Syos ships its products in most countries and continents around the world. The list of the countries were shipping is not available is: Argentina, Belize, Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, North Korea, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Guatemala, Guyana, Honduras, Iran, Nicaragua, Nigeria, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Russia, Salvador, Sudan, Surinam, Syria, Turkey, Ukraine, Uruguay and Venezuela.

Shipping is done via the following carriers:

Standard shipping in France (excluding overseas territories): La Poste (Colissimo)

Standard shipping in other countries (EU and non EU): Delivengo

Express shipping (EU and non EU): FedEx

Mouthpieces made in the case of exchanges and custom mouthpieces improvement are always shipped via Standard shipping, and take a bit more time to be delivered.

The tracking number of each shipping is sent by email when the package has been collected by the carrier.


Delivery time 

Each order is sent to the shipping address provided by the customer. The address has to be the customer’s home address, the address of another person of his choice, or the address of the address of a legal entity (for ex: delivery to workplace). Please note that we cannot ship to hotels, PO boxes or military bases. The address has to be provided in latin alphabet. 

All our saxophone and clarinet mouthpieces are produced on-demand, so there is a 3 to 5 days production time (that can be extended when the company closes for holidays) that applies to all orders that contain one or several mouthpieces. The shipping time is then different according to the shipping country and the selected shipping option (Standard / Express)

Here are average shipping times for countries where we ship on a regular basis:

Country Express shipping time (in days)  Standard shipping time (in days)
Austria 3 4
Australia 7 20
Belgium 2 4
Canada 4 5
Denmark 2 6
France x 1
Italy 3 5
Japan 4 11
Netherlands 2 3
Poland 2 5
Spain 2 9
Switzerland 2 4
United Kingdom 2 x
United States 2 7


Shipping Fee


Standard shipping is free of charge for all countries of the European Union (except overseas territories) for every order higher than 170€ (including taxes). Below this price, standard shipping is 2,40 € (taxes included) for France and 6€ (taxes included) for other EU countries.

Express shipping is 12€ (taxes included) for all countries of the European Union. Express shipping is not available for orders shipped to France.

Overseas territories of EU countries (including french ones such as La Reunion, Guadeloupe...) are considered outside EU. Standard shipping is not available in those destinations, and the shipping fee for Express shipping is 20€.



Standard shipping is 6€ (without taxes) for all countries outside the European Union. This option is not available for the United Kingdom, and not for the EU overseas territories.

Express shipping is 20€ (without taxes) for all countries outside the European Union, apart from the UK. 

All orders shipped outside the European Union are billed and paid without taxes. Please note that customs taxes and administrative fees can be requested at the reception of the package, depending on the shipping country policy. 

UK exception: all orders shipped to UK are billed and paid with the UK VAT taxes. There are no additional fees or taxes at the package’s delivery to UK customers. Shipping fees are calculated at the checkout according to the amount of your order. Express shipping is the only option for delivery to UK.