Gabi Rose plays a Syos saxophone mouthpiece

Gabi Rose

I was looking for a mouthpiece that would produce the tone quality I wanted but only heard in my head. Syos did that for me. Playing feels limitless - I can slide through genres and still sound like me. It’s also effortless - I feel good the second I start playing. I’ve received countless compliments on my playing since using Syos.


Gabi Rose is a NY-based artist and can be found performing (and absolutely rocking out) in a variety of musical scenarios both in person and on the internet. Also a vocalist, she combines the saxophone with her voice to create one unique, blended sound.

Gabi didn’t originally plan to be a career musician. She received a dual degree in Music Industry and Business Economics from the State University College at Oneonta, all the while dipping her toe into the world of music, but not expecting things to take off so shortly after. She spent a few months in Barcelona, Spain playing some of her first gigs after school and has since returned to NY where she studies and plays many genres including jazz, house/EDM, pop, rock, and blues, but really shines with R&B. 2021 marks the beginning of her debut project, Enrose, a saxophone-infused pop/R&B group that’s just as eager as she is to reach a dynamic audience performing her original music. Some of Gabi’s biggest inspirations include Alicia Keys, Al Jarreau, Grover Washington Jr., Anderson .Paak, Roy Hargrove, and Jill Scott.

Since joining TikTok, Gabi has grown quickly and reached thousands of young people who are inspired by her use of the saxophone in pop music. A cover of hers was actually featured in a Super Bowl pre-game and Puppy Bowl commercial. Through her videos, she’s encouraging aspiring musicians to explore their own artistry, blur the lines of genres, and step out of the box of what’s “conventional.” If Gabi could change one thing about her life, she would have embraced her creative potential sooner. Now, she wants to ride the wave and help others realize their own.