Features of the mouthpieces

Syos was created by Pauline and Maxime, two French researchers in acoustics. Thanks to science and new technologies we design mouthpieces that are:

- Easier to play

- More accurate and more homogeneous

- Able to produce the exact sound you are looking for

Syos mouthpieces are strong, durable, certified non-toxic, and available in a wide range of colors and openings.

Our mouthpieces are made from SCAL3D, a new proprietary material we developed in-house. SCAL3D is durable and optimized for 3D printing, without compromising the excellent acoustic properties of Syos mouthpieces.

Our mouthpieces are made of a material that has been lab-tested and certified non-toxic, therefore they are completely safe to put in the mouth, as opposed to the "ebonite" conventionally used to make mouthpieces, which contains sulfur. Over time, sulfuric acid is released, giving the mouthpieces a yellowish tint as they age. No such worries with Syos mouthpieces in SCAL3D!

Syos mouthpieces work perfectly with the Arcane reeds but they are also compatible with all other reeds. We recommend that you try first your current reeds, and should the opportunity present itself, other reed models. If you picked a bigger opening for your Syos mouthpiece than what you are used to, it may be worthwile to try reeds with a slightly lower strength (and vice versa).

Trying the mouthpieces

Syos designs mouthpieces for every type of sound imaginable. Whatever your expectations, there's a Syos mouthpiece that's right for you. Our online store provides detailed information on each mouthpiece and the type of sound (bright or dark, soft or powerful...) they are best suited for. If you need further guidance, you may contact us via chat, phone or email (all info here). Our customer service team is here to help you find the perfect mouthpiece.

Upon receiving your new mouthpiece, you can try it at home for up to 30 days and send it back if something feels wrong. Should you do so, we will offer you an exchange (another model or another opening) or a refund of the product. Please note that shipping fees are not refunded.

If you ordered a custom mouthpiece, you can request a free improvement, our customer service team will design a new mouthpiece even closer to your need based on your test feedback.

You can try Syos mouthpieces at our studio in Paris, 3 cité de l'Ameublement 75011: book an appoinment with Sylvie, Madeline or Brian to experiment with more than 100 different mouthpieces and understand first hand how differences in geometry influence tonal quality. We also have distributors all over the world, find the nearest one with our dedicated map (We recommend you call the store beforehand to check what models are in stock). Last but not least, you can order one or more mouthpieces on our website to try them out, and send them back (within 30 days) if they feel off.

Shipping & Returns

All Syos mouthpieces are made to order. There are two steps to each order:

1. Manufacturing the mouthpiece. This step can take from 3 to 5 days. We will send you an email as soon as the mouthpiece is ready.

2. Shipping the mouthpiece. Delivery time is 2 to 4 days for Europe and the United States if you choose the Express shipping and may be longer with Standard shipping depending on the country. You can check the average delivery time for countries we regularly ship to here. You will receive an email with the tracking number once the package is sent.

When we ship your order we send you an email with the tracking number. You can also find all those information on your customer account if you created one. If you cannot find these, please contact our customer support.

If you wish to return a mouthpiece, go to the return page and follow the steps. Be advised that any return outside of this form and/or after the 30 days trial period will be denied. Return costs will be your responsibility.


We do not make copies of existing mouthpieces, but we can design a Syos mouthpiece with a geometry that produces the same sounds, is easier to play and more comfortable.