As you all know, the Olympic Games are being held in Paris this year. Unfortunately, there's still no event dedicated to the saxophone, so we thought we'd organize our own: the Syos Saxolympic Games.

Event dates: July 26 to August 11, 2024

How to take part:

  1. Subscribe to our social networks
  1. Event launch:

We are going to offer you 7 challenges according to the following schedule:

    • July 26: Challenge 1
    • July 29: Challenge 2
    • July 31: Challenge 3
    • August 2: Challenge 4
    • August 5: Challenge 5
    • August 7: Challenge 6
    • August 9: Challenge 7

Each challenge will be launched at 10am Paris time on our Instagram and Facebook and Youtube pages.

  1. Video submission:
    • You will have 48 hours from the announcement to submit your video.
    • Post your video on Instagram, Facebook, TikTok and/or Youtube with the hashtag #SyosOlympics2024 and mention our @syosmusic account.
    • Make sure your account is public so we can see your video.
    • ⚠️ To validate your participation, share the link to your video with us using the following form:  ⚠️ Don't forget!
  1. Selection of winners:
    • The Syos team will select the three best videos for each challenge.
    • Winners will be announced within 48 hours of the end of the submission deadline, and their videos will be published on Syos social networks.
  1. Selection criteria :
    • Creativity and originality
    • Musical quality
    • Humor
  1. Awards:

For each challenge we will have a podium with the following awards:

    • Gold medal: A mouthpiece of your choice from the Originals or Signature collection.
    • Silver medal: A choice of two boxes of 5 reeds and 50% off a mouthpiece.
    • Bronze medal: A box of 5 reeds of your choice, a swab and a 30% discount on a mouthpiece.

Conditions of participation:

  • By participating, you authorize Syos to use your videos for promotional purposes.
  • Submitted videos must be original and not infringe copyright.
  • Participation is open to all saxophonists and clarinetists worldwide with or without a Syos mouthpiece.

    For further information:
    Follow our social networks or contact us at

    List of the Challenges:

    The video will appear at the time of the challenge launch (see above).

    1. Challenge 1:
    2. Challenge 2:
    3. Challenge 3:
    4. Challenge 4:
    5. Challenge 5:
    6. Challenge 6:
    7. Challenge 7:

    For Challenge 2 you can use the backing track you want but here is a nice one: