Created in 1905, Vandoren is a french family business known for its saxophone and clarinet reeds, outhpieces and accessories. Its expertise and traditionnal know-how makes Vandoren an international brand that exports more than 90% of its production in more than 100 countries. Syos is quite the opposite: it's a young french brand created in 2016, that use science and technology to make 100% custom mouthpieces, made with additive manufacturing . In less than two years, it became one of the most popular mouthpiece brand in the european and US saxophone market. Between these two mouthpieces brands of the same acoustic quality, how to make a choice?
Vandoren Syos
Sound quality
Easy to play
Non-toxic certification
Traditional manufacturing
Classical sound
Jazz sound
Available in several colors

Vandoren mouthpieces & Syos mouthpieces main characteristics

Machined by CNC, Vandoren saxophone mouthpieces belongs to different lines.

- In the V5 line, they have a round chamber. The models are quite flexible and can be used in a great diversity of musical genre (from classical music to jazz). This line has two main models (V5 and V5 jazz) for soprano, alto, tenor, baritone and bass saxophone.

- The Optimum line is the result of a long work on the external shape of the mouthpiece, especially on the beak. It is also made for answering the need of musicians who play more modern music. There are Optimum models for soprano, alto, tenor and baritone saxophone.

- The V16 line is available for all saxophones. The hard rubber mouthpieces are inspired from the greatests jazz players of the 70's. Some of the models are also available in metal.

- The Java line is designed for jazz, funk and soul players who are looking for brightness. The baffle shape is a step like in many jazz metal mouthpieces.

- The Jumbo Java line has models with small chambers and very high baffles. It is very adapted for getting a lot of brightness and a quite agressive sound, ideal for rock and pop music.

Several chambers and tip openings are available, depending on the lines and models. There are also several Vandoren reed types for all saxophones, and a great choice of accessories (mouthpieces caps, cushions, saxophone straps, ...)

Syos designs and distributes completely different products. First, there are no Syos metal and hard rubber mouthpieces. The brand chose the SCAL3D for the production of all its saxophone mouthpieces. It’s a revolutionary material developed especially for 3D printing mouthpieces. It gives an increase resistance to damage, a great durability, an optimal comfort and a non-toxic mouthpiece for the user. Syos is also very different from Vandoren as it doesn’t have standardized mouthpieces. All the mouthpieces are custom made according to each musician’s request. The technology is based on the skills of Syos founders, two researcher in acoustics that have a deep understanding of sound and music, but also on a very innovative process: 3D printing. This way of making Syos mouthpieces gives a high level of precision: 1/100th of millimeter. Another feature of the SCAL3D is that it can be tinted: all mouthpieces are available in 10 colors. Syos also proposes accessories such as mouthpiece cushions and mouthpiece ligatures compatible with most of the standard mouthpieces on the market. Last but not least, if you are fan of a Syos artist, you can order the exact same model Syos customized for him/her with the signature line!

Most popular Vandoren mouthpieces & Syos alternatives

Here are the most popular Vandoren mouthpieces and their Syos equivalent:

Syos signature Alto mouthpiece - Godwin Louis 6

Vandoren V16 alto saxophone mouthpiece A5 S+

It corresponds to a hard rubber mouthpiece with a tip opening of 1.88 mm, a medium facing length and a small chamber.

Syos signature Soprano mouthpiece - Knoel Scott 5

Vandoren V5 alto sax mouthpiece A28

It corresponds to a hard rubber mouthpiece with a tip opening of 1.63 mm, a medium facing length and a round chamber.

Most popular Vandoren mouthpieces are classical mouthpieces that provide good alternatives to Selmer, and V16 mouthpieces for jazz. They are mostly in hard rubber.

You won't find any Syos equivalent to Vandoren mouthpieces in hard rubber or metal. Indeed, Syos didn't want to use them and preferred to choose a new material: the SCAL3D. Besides, you won't find any standard Syos mouthpiece models, because each musician has a different need. To bring a specific answer to each request, Syos has an online form on its website where you can explain what sound you're looking for. If needed, an acoustic expert helps the musicians to precise their answers. The visual aspect of the Syos mouthpiece is also customizable: you can choose the color (among 10 choices) and add a custom engraving on the side. The crafting of the mouthpiece is then made custom according to the answers on the form. When you receive the mouthpiece, you can test it during 30 days and, if needed, ask for adjustements in its shape to improve it. To summarize, with Syos you have a more durable and less toxic product, 100% customized for you.

Vandoren reeds characteristics

Vandoren propose a great diversity of reeds for all saxophones. They use organic cane, a 100% natural plant that is cultivated by Vandoren in the Var, in the south of France. The organic waste resulting from the process are used for compost or burned to aliment the reed factory in energy. Syos also has its own line of organic reeds: the Arcane reeds.

Vandoren and Syos both have high acoustic quality products and are both working continuously to improve their process, and be among the top innovative french companies. Now you can choose your mouthpiece in a very standardized line of definied products, or get something more unique that is crafted specially for your sound, customized according to all your needs. It's up to you!