Results of the Syos Challenges 2023

Results of the Syos Challenges 2023

Check the best videos of the Syos Challenges 2023 and see the final ranking.

We had a really great time during the new Syos challenges! Thank you again for sending all these awesome videos to us!

Here is a video with all the wining videos of the 3 challenges. I hope you will enjoy watching it as much as we did!

And the final ranking is:

1- @seegee_eye who wins a Custom mouthpiece

2- @tommysax2_ who wins a Signature or an Originals mouthpiece

3- @richard_g_sax who wins 2 boxes of reeds

The Syos team wanted to give a special prize to @thebrassknots for their great video for Challenge 3! They win a box a Arcane reeds.

 All the participants win a 10% discount on their next Syos order :)