Syos presents its latest promotional offer (ENDED) - Syos

Syos presents its latest promotional offer (ENDED)

Ordering two mouthpieces will never seem as interesting as it will this week...


Ever asked yourself if it is possible to play really dark tones with your jazz band on a Friday night, and to follow up with some bright and clear sounds the next day with your marching band? Or if you could go from playing a concert in a small room, as soft as can be, to a thundering sound out in the open? Having both of these options on one mouthpiece is pretty unlikely, or would require a huge effort with an unsatisfying result. What if we told you we have a solution for you?

In 2021, Syos launched an offer called TWO, where you can buy two Signature mouthpieces with the second at half price! A great opportunity to try different geometries that may be opposite in nature but perfect in addressing the issue at hand. Or you could even buy two similar mouthpieces, each with their own voice, to anticipate all eventualities.

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In order to help you make a choice, we have have drawn comparisons between some of our Signature models, for clarinet and saxophone. Each section comes with a video so you can decide what is best by listening to Syos ambassadors playing their Signature mouthpieces.


Syos creates mouthpieces for two types of clarinet: the bass clarinet and the B Flat clarinet.

For the bass clarinet, we have chosen to compare Eric Croissant's sound to that of Arrington de Dionyso.

Eric Croissant generally sounds dark, very balanced, with woody tones. In this song, he uses his clarinet to lay the foundations of the bassline, pairing it with electronically programmed drums.

Arrington de Dionyso, on the other hand, plays with a lot of volume and power. In this video, the only instrument (apart from the drums) is Arrington’s clarinet. And there is no need for more: he fills up the space around him with surprising sounds, at a fast tempo!

Regarding the Bb clarinet, we chose a fully French line-up, with Yoann Boucher and César Poirier.

Yoann Boucher plays his clarinet with style, is in complete control and really makes it sing. Producing long and powerful sounds, low notes and playing with the register, this video showcases his approach to making music. His Signature mouthpiece allows him to play however he wants, as effortlessly as can be! If you want to get a better idea of what Yoann is capable of, you should also check this out:

César Poirier, here, plays at a faster pace, toying with timing and breaks all enveloppes with his bright and playful tone. His mouthpiece is instrumental to getting that sound.


When it comes to saxophones, Syos offers four different types of Signature mouthpieces: for baritone, for tenor, for alto, and for soprano. For each type of saxophone, there are plenty of options.

For the baritone and soprano, we chose to compare the sounds of Dayna Stephens and Scott Paddock.

Dayna Stephens, be it on his baritone or his soprano, plays legato, with a soft attack, and lets the notes ring. The subtle whispering of his melodies captivates his audience. Here he is playing the baritone and the soprano in the video below:

Scott Paddock plays more articulated notes, staccato. He bounces from one note to the next, blowing notes out of his horn as hard as possible, and the warmth and brightness of his playing bounce straight to your ears . Listen to him play the baritone here and soprano there:

Now let’s talk about the tenor! Here we will compare Jason Moore’s sound to that of Victor Raimondeau.

Jason Moore, an American saxophonist,sings softly through his horn. In this video with his band, King Garbage, the long, smooth sounds coming out of his instrument are as light as a feather.

Victor Raimondeau plays in a very powerful way. His saxophone voice is clear, piercing, and makes you want to get up and dance to his music.Here he is playing over a Deluxe track, on the parking lot of a grocery store, full of energy and style.

And last but not least is the alto. For this saxophone, let’s have a look at the sonic differences between Jordan Reed and Cody Dear.

Jordan Reed, whose name might make you think he was born to play a woodwind instrument, plays with a strong and thick tone, while maintaining a soft and supple aspect. It evokes the feeling of a warm blanket on a winter's night. Here, he is playing a Kohler duet, which he achieved by blending together two different takes.

Cody Dear, on the alto, feels brighter, clean-cut. In this song, when the saxophone comes into play, it rises above other instruments and floats above.

Here it is, we're done with the comparisons! All these talented artists are impressive and listening to their music is nothing short of amazing; we hope you enjoyed this journey! It is now up to you to make a choice: which Signature mouthpieces will be your pair of the week: which two different sounds, or instruments would you like to play? Tell us in the comments below what combination you came up with and why!

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