Arrington de Dionyso - Syos

Arrington de Dionyso

Most bass clarinet mouthpieces are going to be tailored to the needs of either a classical player, or a jazz player. If your musical world falls outside of either of those "traditional" categories, you are forced to adapt your approach to your sound and choose one or the other. With my Signature SYOS Bass Clarinet mouthpiece, we finally have something appropriate for the most extreme and adventurous bass clarinetists.


Over the last 25 years leading bands such as Old Time Relijun, Malaikat dan Singa and This Saxophone Kills Fascists, Arrington de Dionyso has practically reinvented the bass clarinet as a "Rock" instrument. His solos tend towards the aggressive, propulsive, gestural approaches preferring a distinctive raspy growl in his tone color that utilizes a wide variety of overblowing, alternate fingerings, and other extended techniques that emphasize the connections between the bass clarinet and the primal voice.

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