Otto Link mouthpieces are the most famous reference for hard rubber jazz mouthpieces . They are made in USA since 1930. The brand was created by Jesse James Babbit which was a flute repairman based in Boston. Then he came to New York to design and sell his first saxophone mouthpiece: the Master Link. Syos brand was created by two researchers in acoustic in 2016 in Paris. The founders use their scientific knowledge to design custom saxophone mouthpiece adapted to each musician's sound. Otto Link and Syos both propose high quality products, so which brand is better for what you need?
Otto Link Syos
Sound quality
Easy to play
Material choice
Non-toxic certification
Traditional manufacturing
Classical sound
Jazz sound
Available in several colors

Otto Link mouthpieces & Syos mouthpieces main characteristics

After the release of the Master Link in 1931, it took 7 years to Otto Link to extend its product line with its first Otto Link saxophone and clarinet mouthpieces made in hard rubber. Less expensive than the metal one, the hard rubber mouthpiece targets all musicians from amateurs to professionnal saxophonists. Then a new model, the Tone Master, is created in 1940 and makes the brand famous. A part on the mouthpiece beak allows the ligature to be more adjusted to the mouthpiece and reed, for a better vibration. Ten years after, the Tone Master « Double Band » (because of the two bands on the mouthpiece shank) is made in New York. In 1950 the Otto Link brand is sold to Ben Harrod and moves to Florida. The Florida Super Tone Master mouthpieces are different than those from New York: with wider rails, their sound is brighter. There have been other changes: the nickel is used instead of silver under the gold layer, then the gold is no longer used. Otto Link mouthpieces are also more open than at the beggining of the company (in the 40's, musicians mostly used 4* or 5 tip opening).

Otto Link has progressively become the most famous saxophone mouthpieces brand, especially in the jazz market, thanks to the warmness and the accuracy of the tone they provide. Otto Link has eleven different tip openings: 4*, 5, 5*, 6, 6*, 7, 7*, 8, 8*, 9 and 9* correspondant respectivement à une ouverture de 1.52, 1.65, 1.78, 1.91, 2.03, 2.16, 2.29, 2.41, 2.54, 2.67 et 2.79 mm for an alto saxophone mouthpiece. In addition to the alto models, there also are Otto Link soprano mouthpieces and Otto Link tenor mouthpieces, which are provided with their ligature and mouthpiece cap.

Syos mouthpieces are made in ABS polymer, which is resistant, durable and non-toxic for the musician. Besides, it feels very comfortable in the mouth (compared to metal that is quite hard). The brand crafts its mouthpieces thanks to 3D printing, a new technology that allows infinite possibilities for the shape inside the mouthpiece, with an outstanding accuracy of 1/100th of millimeter. This technology guarantee the high acoustic qualities of the mouthpiece. With Syos, the musician chooses the characteristics of the mouthpiece: he fills an online form indicating what kind of sound he's looking for, his playing style, his preferences... the form is analysed by an acoustic expert to determine what would be the best mouthpiece shape to meet all these requirements. The musician can also choose the visual aspect of the mouthpiece: all Syos mouthpieces are available in 14 different colors and can have a custom design engraved on their sides. Last but not least, if you are fan of one Syos artists, you can order the exact same model he plays on Syos website.

Most popular Otto Link mouthpieces & Syos alternatives

Here are the most popular Otto Link mouthpieces and their Syos equivalent:

Syos signature Alto mouthpiece - Godwin Louis 5

Otto Link Tone Edge 5 alto saxophone mouthpiece

It corresponds to a hard rubber mouthpiece with a 5 tip opening (1,65 mm for alto saxophone)

Syos signature Soprano mouthpiece - Knoel Scott 6

Otto Link Super Tone Master 6 metal alto saxophone mouthpiece

It corresponds to a metal mouthpiece with a 6 tip opening (1,90 mm for alto saxophone)

Otto Link mouthpieces or Syos mouthpieces: how to choose?

What is really different between Syos mouthpieces and Otto Link mouthpieces is the material. Hard Rubber and metal for Otto Link, ABS polymer for Syos. For sound qualities, this doesn't matter since the material has no impact on the acoustic properties of a mouthpiece. The good criteria to check is then the durability, the comfort and the toxicity of the material. Hard Rubber is good for the comfort, metal is good for durability and quite good for toxicity, Syos SCAL3D material is good for the three. If you are looking for a Otto Link saxophone tenor, alto or soprano mouthpiece to play jazz, you will find what you want in all the brand lines. But if you are looking for that extra thing that makes a mouthpiece unique, the best choice is probably to choose a Syos custom mouthpiece. Since it is entirely tailored to fit your expectations, you will have the mouthpiece you already wanted to have, the one that is perfectly adapted to your own sound.

Whatever your choice is, you will have a very good mouthpiece with both Syos and Otto Link brands. Between the most famous model for jazz music or its 100% custom modern and fun alternative, it's up to you!