The Sound of New Orleans: Explore Michael White's Legacy and New Mouthpiece

The Sound of New Orleans: Explore Michael White's Legacy and New Mouthpiece

Unwind the story of Dr. Michael White, a legendary clarinetist who's not just playing New Orleans Jazz, he's safeguarding its future.

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We just released Michael White's signature mouthpiece on clarinet of few days ago and I wanted to take a deeper dive into the life of this famous New Orleans figure.

A few weeks ago, released a nice article about Michael White with really nice pictures and a great video. 

Here is a short summary of Michael's story:

Dr. Michael White is a cornerstone of traditional New Orleans Jazz. A virtuoso clarinetist, prolific composer, and dedicated scholar, White has spent his life not only performing this vibrant music, but also ensuring its legacy endures.

Born and raised in New Orleans, White's life was forever altered by the irresistible sounds of Jazz, especially the traditional style. From a young age, he was drawn to its energy and expressiveness, feeling a deep connection to his heritage that transcended words. This passion fueled his dedication, leading him to hone his clarinet skills and delve into the rich history of the genre. He spent invaluable time with veteran Jazz musicians, learning not just their music, but also their stories and experiences.

White's artistry extends beyond performing. He's a fountain of creativity, having composed hundreds of original pieces that breathe new life into traditional Jazz. These compositions not only enrich the repertoire of his own band, the Original Liberty Jazz Band, but also find their way into the sets of traditional Jazz bands across the globe.

A passionate educator, White isn't shy about sharing his knowledge and love for the music. During his tenure at Xavier University, where he held the prestigious Rosa and Charles Keller Endowed Chair in the Humanities, he inspired countless students. He continues to be a vocal advocate for the genre, encouraging young musicians to embrace its unique sound and history.

While White expresses some concern about the future of traditional Jazz within New Orleans itself, his international influence is undeniable. His dedication to the art form has garnered him a global following. Fans in Japan, Europe, South America, and beyond are as familiar with the New Orleans Jazz pioneers like Bunk Johnson and Johnny Dodds as they are with Michael White himself. Through his performances, compositions, and unwavering passion, Dr. Michael White ensures that traditional New Orleans Jazz continues to resonate with audiences worldwide.

Check Michael White's signature mouthpiece for B flat clarinet.

You can access the whole article here.