Syos on America's Got Talent

Syos on America's Got Talent

Two Syos artists have been on stage recently on America's Got Talent! Discover them...

In June, during my trip in Japan, I met Ami and Lotta from the great girls brass band MOS.

And a few days ago, I was so happy and proud to see them perform Live on America's Got Talent. And Lotta was playing on the mouthpiece I gave her on that day!

Lotta is playing on the Daro Behroozi Tenor Saxophone Signature Mouthpiece with a 6 tip opening and on the Arcane Reeds for Tenor in strength 2. 

And actually, that was not the first time a Syos artist was on stage on this American TV Show. A few months ago, we also saw Wenzl McGowen playing his crazy Traffic Cone Baritone Saxophone!

Who will be the next one?