Esdras Nogueira - Syos

Esdras Nogueira

Conceived by Syos, the mouthpiece I play was made according to my needs and sounds great, especially live! Thank you Syos!
James Morton - Syos

James Morton

Syos mouthpieces are like no-other. Powerful, responsive and free blowing. A Meyer with a turbo. You also have the option to change the design with almost unlimited possibilities to create you perfect piece.
Michael Alizon - Syos

Michael Alizon

The research of the sound is a perpetual quest encountered by all musicians, especially jazz saxophonists. It is hard to find the balance between projection, roundness, tone color, accuracy... With Syos I found a mouthpiece that meet all my requirements on those parameters, with an incredible ease of playing in all registers.
Jordan Reed - Syos

Jordan Reed

As saxophonists (the newcomers to the instrument world) one of our jobs is to push boundaries and ask “what else?” or “what’s next?” SYOS is a boundary-pushing company at the forefront of mouthpiece engineering and innovation and I’m thankful to be a part of it.
Michel Mainil - Syos

Michel Mainil

I've always been in search for a mouthpiece that gives me both easiness in the low register and precision in the high register. With Syos I found that: a good dynamics in all the register, but a lot of other qualities like tone homogeneity, power and also an incredible easiness to play pianissimo or subtone. I can only encourage you to go for a Syos mouthpiece, to meet this very kind team and find the rare mouthpiece you're looking for.
Etienne Jaumet - Syos

Etienne Jaumet

Syos’ mouthpiece was instantly my firm favorite. Yet, I have been playing my sweet metal mouthpiece for 15 years. Today, it can’t stand the comparison and it gathers dust… And I don’t have guilty conscience even after so many years of loyal service.
Adrien Soleiman - Syos

Adrien Soleiman

Last year, I met Pauline Eveno who told me about her concept which I found immediately brilliant. After several working sessions, we designed a perfect-fitted mouthpiece for me. A true luxury today when we know the very precise expectations of musicians. Syos is at the service of artists with a strong and contemporary concept. A wind of change in this industry that struggles to renew and live with its time.