Mornington Lockett - Syos

Mornington Lockett

SYOS are using the most modern thinking to recreate the classic sounds. These mouthpieces excel in every context.
Leland Whitty - Syos

Leland Whitty

Syos mouthpieces allow a transparent connection between the musician and the instrument. It’s nice to have something customized to the exact sound I’ve had in my head while simultaneously being a product that plays with exceptional ease!
Renan Richard - Syos

Renan Richard

I've never been looking for defined equipment, because it requires dozens of mouthpieces trial hours. I prefer choosing definitely one mouthpiece and adapt myself to it. But if we can modify the choice, back and forward, to get something adapted, then it's different. Syos process is new and deserves to be followed, especially when we see how fast they progress.
Pascal Mabit - Syos

Pascal Mabit

The first tones I blew with my Syos mouthpieces directly convinced me of Pauline and her team's fine quality work. I rarely played such comfortable and easy playing mouthpieces. Well done ! Thank you !
Basile Verschaeve - Syos

Basile Verschaeve

With this new generation of tailor-made mouthpieces, Syos brings together passion, innovation and design, offering the opportunity for musicians to express themselves without limits. I have been immediately seduced by the ease of picking up the mouthpiece, its comfort and its precision. A big Bravo to Syos team for your attentiveness and professionalism !
Raul Colosimo - Syos

Raul Colosimo

My mouthpiece fits different situations thanks to its sound qualities. It is elegant and soft. The research for this bass clarinet accessory favors amplitude and thickness of sound while respecting precision. I advise and recommend the excellent work of SYOS which confirms to be at the forefront of innovation with 3D printing while transmitting an ancient and precious tradition.
Sylvain Rifflet - Syos

Sylvain Rifflet

The mouthpieces invented by Syos and 3D printed are a wonderful evolution: extremely flexible, adjustable, adaptable and reproductible at will. This offers saxophone players a way to look for new sounds, news perspectives and to look at the future!
Nick Richards - Syos

Nick Richards

In my work as a saxophonist, i require a mouthpiece that gives me both precise tuning within horn sections and also a unique presence and colour as a soloist. I was immediately struck by the level of presence and projection to my sound when trying my SYOS mouthpiece. In the past, I have often had to compromise technicality for sound. This has not been the case with my SYOS mouthpiece which has given me a new sense of versatility allowing me to have more control throughout the range of the horn. Through their use of cutting-edge technology and innovative design, I have finally found a bespoke mouthpiece that reflects my personality and style of playing which is every saxophonist's dream. A massive thank you to Pauline, Maxime and the rest of the team!
Terry Edwards - Syos

Terry Edwards

I want my solos to cut through - Syos mouthpieces give me the bite I need from the alto down to the baritone.