Cyril Guiraud - Syos

Cyril Guiraud

Thanks to Syos and the alto mouthpiece they made for me, I think I found what I was looking for ! I gained a lot of precision over the whole range of the instrument and this is a game changer. Can’t wait to try it out on my tenor and soprano
Thomas de Pourquery - Syos

Thomas de Pourquery

Syos… What else?
Knoel Scott - Syos

Knoel Scott

During a musical career that has spanned half a century I have never played on a better mouthpiece. I am relieved and elated to have the only mouthpiece I will ever need for my Alto.
Jason Moore - Syos

Jason Moore

Syos have done something brilliant. They have codified a process that can usher saxophonists towards realizing the sound they desire. For me, the result has been nothing short of relief and profound gratitude. I now have a mouthpiece that meets all of my tonal needs and desires without requiring unnecessary effort. It’s a beautiful (orange) thing!
Alex Simu - Syos

Alex Simu

For a saxophone or clarinet player having the ideal mouthpieces it is a life time quest. Syos mouthpieces changed that and with the help of 3D printing technology and high knowledge of acoustics they were able to create a mouthpiece which has all the technical qualities that enable me to express and play my instrument as I wish to, without having to compensate for the mouthpiece. I am convinced that Syos have set a turning point in the production of mouthpieces, they are not producing a couple of models they are producing my own model, your own model and exactly what is that the musician wishes to play on.
Michael Wilbur - Syos

Michael Wilbur

I love my Syos piece. It’s kind of scary how accurate and precise this thing is from top to bottom. Who knew 3D printing combined with genius acousticians could create such a beautiful sounding mouthpiece! Well, now I do!
Andrew Cox - Syos

Andrew Cox

I was pretty sorted with my set up and not looking to change. Then Pauline got in touch. I’ve been intrigued by these pieces for a while so was really interested to give them a go. I couldn’t believe it. It had the same warmth and sound as my previous vintage mouthpiece but with more projection and focus. I ended up playing it on the gig that night and have been on it ever since. I love it! SYOS are doing an incredible job and I feel like this could be a true game changer!
Mornington Lockett - Syos

Mornington Lockett

SYOS are using the most modern thinking to recreate the classic sounds. These mouthpieces excel in every context.
Leland Whitty - Syos

Leland Whitty

Syos mouthpieces allow a transparent connection between the musician and the instrument. It’s nice to have something customized to the exact sound I’ve had in my head while simultaneously being a product that plays with exceptional ease!