Michel Mainil - Syos

Michel Mainil

I've always been in search for a mouthpiece that gives me both easiness in the low register and precision in the high register. With Syos I found that: a good dynamics in all the register, but a lot of other qualities like tone homogeneity, power and also an incredible easiness to play pianissimo or subtone. I can only encourage you to go for a Syos mouthpiece, to meet this very kind team and find the rare mouthpiece you're looking for.
Etienne Jaumet - Syos

Etienne Jaumet

Syos’ mouthpiece was instantly my firm favorite. Yet, I have been playing my sweet metal mouthpiece for 15 years. Today, it can’t stand the comparison and it gathers dust… And I don’t have guilty conscience even after so many years of loyal service.
Adrien Soleiman - Syos

Adrien Soleiman

Last year, I met Pauline Eveno who told me about her concept which I found immediately brilliant. After several working sessions, we designed a perfect-fitted mouthpiece for me. A true luxury today when we know the very precise expectations of musicians. Syos is at the service of artists with a strong and contemporary concept. A wind of change in this industry that struggles to renew and live with its time.