Nicolas Stephan - Syos

Nicolas Stephan

Syos work is interesting because it mixes a new technologic expertise - in mutation - and a great sensitivity to the musicians expectations/aspirations. The process which led to the mouthpiece I am playing today taught me a lot and is very introspective for a saxophonist because it forces him to formulate and define what he is looking for and all along the steps to correct and sharpen an acoustic desire which is a team work between the musician – his aspirations, qualities and defaults – and Syos team represented by Maxime and Pauline. As often the path you take to reach the goal is as important as the goal itself.
Benjamin Dousteyssier - Syos

Benjamin Dousteyssier

I found with Syos a mouthpiece that I had been searching for a long time. Thanks to Pauline’s expertise and imagination, I now have a tool with unique and personalized acoustical characteristics, with great flexibility and consistent with my equipment. Syos process, completely new as it appears, has a lot of advantages, especially to provide each musician with a custom-made mouthpiece, reproductible and original. Moreover Pauline knows how to translate the sound wishes into parameters of the mouthpiece geometry, so that the result is often really close to the musician’s initial idea.
Janis Danevics - Syos

Janis Danevics

Syos mouthpiece is a great example of the evolution and natural symbiosis of sound and design. Today is essential to show your personality and uniqueness, and that is exactly what this product embodies -it inspires you to be bright, warm, powerful and also- to inspire others.
Daro Behroozi - Syos

Daro Behroozi

These mouthpieces are fun to play! The good folks at Syos are doing a great service for saxophonists - they're researching and crafting mouthpieces that suit the specific needs of each individual musician, enabling us to further explore our individual sounds. And who doesn't want to play a green mouthpiece! ;)
Ferdinand Doumerc - Syos

Ferdinand Doumerc

The first striking thing with Syos mouthpieces, at the very first try, is there incredible ease-of-playing, in all registers. The sound is beautiful, powerful and warm. And it is also flexible and adapted to our tone research.
Eddie Rich - Syos

Eddie Rich

Syos mouthpieces present the opportunity for all saxophonists to reach new levels of expression. The tone is even across all registers and the dynamic range is incredible. The way that Pauline and the team at Syos have combined technology and artistry is a game changer!
Gareth Lumbers - Syos

Gareth Lumbers

This mouthpiece does not play/feel how you initially think it would from looking at it! It allows my sound to be expressed freely and easily with no compromise and in any situation from touring with Myles Sanko to playing a small Jazz Trio gig. Syos knowledge and expertise in acoustic sciences allows them to tailor make a mouthpiece to your exact specification. Taking mouthpiece manufacturing to the next level! Loving the refreshing colour choices too!
Cédric Ricard - Syos

Cédric Ricard

Reactive, flexible and homogeneous, I found a real balance with my Syos mouthpiece. Multifaceted musician, I am called to play in projects with varied and demanding aesthetics. In fact, it meets my expectations entirely and allows me to reveal my playing in a flowing and natural way.
Saxl Rose - Syos

Saxl Rose

No other mouthpiece allows me to obtain the versatility that Syos provides. If you are looking for a mouthpiece that fits your sound, look no further. Syos has done an amazing job customizing whatever style or sound you are looking for into these affordable and attention-grabbing mouthpieces.