Jim Odgren - Syos

Jim Odgren

As soon as I played the Syos mouthpiece, I knew it was exactly the mouthpiece I’d been seeking. It’s free-blowing, responsive and quick, enabling me to instantly hook up my playing with the beat. The Syos opens up my options for detail, especially for my tone, and my use of accents, ghost notes, dynamics and articulation. The response about my playing on the Syos from my colleagues, friends and students has been super positive. It’s so much fun to play! Thank you for designing and building this fantastic mouthpiece!


Jim has recording and performance experience in a variety of music styles and genres, from Afro/Cuban Jazz to Soul to Mainstream and Contemporary Jazz.

He has performed live in concert and recorded with Gary Burton, Vinnie Colaiuta, Steve Swallow, Antonio Sanchez, Kimo Williams, Victor Mendoza, Horacio Herndandez and many others. He played on pianist Hiromi Uehara's debut cd, "Another Mind", on the Telarc record label, and is a featured saxophone soloist on a motion picture soundtrack for Paramount Pictures.

Jim has composed and arranged for Rijnmond Saxophone Quartet for European tours, sharing the program with Jean Marie Londeix and Claude Delangle. He performed his arrangements and compositions for the Rijnmond Saxophone Quartet at the l0th World Saxophone Congress in Pesaro, Italy, in August, 1992. Some of these arrangements have been published with Advance Music.

Jim has a saxophone instruction DVD "Accelerate Your Saxophone playing", published by Rittor and Hal Leonard. He has recorded 2 CD's as a leader. His 1st is titled "Her Eyes", with Jim Kelly on guitar, Fernando Huergo on bass and Yoron Israel on drums. His 2nd CD is titled "Day Dreaming", with the band called "East West Standard Time", with Dave Santoro on bass, Hamir Atwal on drums and Takeshi Ohbayashi on piano.

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