Andrew Cox - Syos

Andrew Cox

I was pretty sorted with my set up and not looking to change. Then Pauline got in touch. I’ve been intrigued by these pieces for a while so was really interested to give them a go. I couldn’t believe it. It had the same warmth and sound as my previous vintage mouthpiece but with more projection and focus. I ended up playing it on the gig that night and have been on it ever since. I love it! SYOS are doing an incredible job and I feel like this could be a true game changer!


Andrew Cox is a saxophonist based in Leeds, UK. Andrew is a highly sought after freelance musician, performing across the UK and globally, with numerous acts including Renegade Brass Band, Portmanteau, Back Chat Brass and Little Violet.

Andrew's compositions, ranging widely in style and scope, are featured on Renegade Brass Band albums Totem and upcoming EP from his jazz quartet Pannakoek.

As a session musician, Andrew has toured and recorded extensively. Credits include Shed Seven and Hyde And Beast.

Notable appearances: UK O2 Academy tour (Shed Seven), Glastonbury Festival, Dubai International Jazz Festival, Java Jazz Festival, Soundwave Festival, Manchester Jazz Festival, Stuttgart Jazz Festival, Jazz In Duketown

In addition to regular performances and recording sessions, Andrew is a keen educator, offering lessons in a 1:1 setting, as well as producing and leading workshops in schools. Andrew also works on education projects with Jazz North, providing key insights and supporting innovation.