Michael Davis - Syos

Michael Davis

When I first tried a Syos mouthpiece, I approached it with a healthy skepticism as I am not one to frequently change my equipment and was immediately impressed by the tone and response. Syos was great to work with; we tried several adjustments to find the exact sound I was looking for. If you are searching for a new mouthpiece with incredible ease of response and control that can facilitate producing the exact sound you want, I emphatically recommend Syos.
Mariela Versola - Syos

Mariela Versola

I feel and sound like myself on my SYOS mouthpieces. I can take them on any gig or recording session and trust that they will deliver consistency, response, and flexibility. The best of parts of my other mouthpieces without their drawbacks, at a price I can feel good recommending.
Ariana Stanberry - Syos

Ariana Stanberry

I absolutely love how customizable Syos is! With the many colors to choose from and the various options available, I was able to select a beautiful mouthpiece-ligature combination that showcases my Jamaican colors. I also love the smooth and warm sound it produces!
Brendan Ross - Syos

Brendan Ross

My Syos mouthpieces allow me to create warm subtle tones as well as bright punchy tones with little effort. They also feel very comfortable to play on, and working with Pauline and her experts has been an amazing experience. It's amazing to have a mouthpiece that fits my vibe and style like a glove.
Jonas Wall - Syos

Jonas Wall

This mouthpiece helps me express the way I want. It’s not in the way. It’s solid and easy from the lower register to the very high notes. It has a big opening so the air can flow, a warmness and at the same time a distinct bite. I love it!
Chip Wickham - Syos

Chip Wickham

We looked at different internal designs and wider lays to get a broad but dark jazz tone that could be maintained with lighter reed combinations which help with playing multiple instruments in rapid succession. My Syos have quick response and excellent intonation across the full range and especially at the top where a lighter reed is more of an issue. They sing as the top and hold the dark sound even down to a 2 strength reed. Tonal connection between the soprano and tenor was also important so that I can maintain my sound while changing between horns.
Jeremy Rose - Syos

Jeremy Rose

My Syos custom mouthpieces provide an amazing amount of comfort and evenness across the range of my horns. They find a magic balance between free-blowing and resistance that allow me to have the tone I want all the way from ppp to fff in all registers. Syos will not disappoint! Thanks to Pauline and the team for making these pieces available to the saxophone community at a viable price!
Jason Gay - Syos

Jason Gay

Syos mouthpieces make me feel as if I can fully express myself in anyway I can imagine. They provide even intonation up and down the horn, while offering an endless array of tonal possibilities. Syos mouthpieces help me realize, capture and project the exact sound I’ve been seeking.
Matt Shevitz - Syos

Matt Shevitz

Syos has changed the game when it comes to mouthpieces. The tone, intonation, and free-blowing nature of these pieces is fantastic and the variety of tones and affordability make them accessible to anyone. I highly recommend these pieces and am grateful to be part of the Syos family!