K. Calloway

K. Calloway

"Finding a mouthpiece that is comfortable and allows the player to play freely is a forever journey. Once I tried a Syos mouthpiece, the journey for comfortability was 'smooth sailing'. My Syos mouthpiece allowed me to figure out what I want out of my sound as a saxophonist and how comfortable I want to feel playing. It was also a confidence booster!" 
Sergio Sobrino

Sergio Sobrino

"Great sensation with this mouthpiece customized on a whim, ideal for lovers of "subtone", the air sounds naturally in the low register, the high register is bright and energetic, although what I like most about this mouthpiece is the rough sound in the strong dynamics, similar to the broken voice of a singer-songwriter hardened with whiskey and pipe tobacco!"
Alan Villanueva

Alan Villanueva

"I have a syos mouthpiece for alto saxophone and it has helped me like no other mouthpiece in my personal search for sound, it has a dark character but with a lot of projection, something very difficult to achieve for a mouthpiece, it gives me a huge sonic spectrum of possibilities, from the character necessary for playing hard bop and free improvisation to the dark sound I like to use in a ballad, plus it has impeccable intonation and response, it is a remarkable tool and I hope it helps to more saxophonists in their musical work."

Patrick Girdaukas

“The thing I love best about this mouthpiece is the versatility. It does everything I could ever want/need out of a mouthpiece. The customization process is easy, the results are incredible, and the warranty/quality assurance is second to none. My only regret is spending thousands of dollars on mouthpieces that were sub-par for many years before finding this company. I am proud to be a SYOS artist!”
Jeff Coffin - Syos

Jeff Coffin

My Syos Bass Clarinet mouthpiece is amazing! I previously had a Charles Bay MOM model but I had a most unfortunate accident and it broke in half after falling. Syos sent me a bunch to try and this one replaced it and I actually like the qualities of it more than the Bay! It’s versatile, it speaks quickly, it’s great for us doublers moving quickly from horn to horn, it cuts, but it has a nice organic sound with lots of overtones. What’s not to like?!? I hope you’ll try it and like it as much as I do…
Shabaka Hutchings - Syos

Shabaka Hutchings

My Syos gives me incredible consistency throughout the registers of my bass clarinet. It allows me to maintain a rich sonority while playing quietly which doesn’t loose its character and become shrill when playing loudly or in the upper register. It is free blowing yet has a thick core which means when playing loudly there is a lot of depth to work with.
Dayna Stephens - Syos

Dayna Stephens

I never imagined having a mouthpieces that produced all of the power and warmth one could desire, but my Syos does just that with ease. Whether playing tenor or soprano at a whisper or competing with a big band with no mic, these pieces deliver. You must try it to believe it.
John Moore

John Moore

"Syos mouthpieces let me focus on performing, and allow me to deliver the best performance possible. I recommend them to my students for their exceptional stability and wide range of sound possibilities."
Ueli Dörig - Syos

Ueli Dörig

“From the personalization of the mouthpiece to the playing experience – I love every step of my Syos journey!”