Sarah Dunbar - Syos

Sarah Dunbar

Syos is committed to helping musicians fulfill their artistic vision, and they have exceeded every expectation with my new mouthpiece! Not only have they been wonderful to work with, they have produced a mouthpiece I love playing on!
Seun Kuti - Syos

Seun Kuti

Syos boosts my tone so my phrases are more vibrant.
Joe Lovano - Syos

Joe Lovano

Syos mouthpieces are instruments of sound and beauty. Each one is created specifically for you to express your own sound and feelings on your horn and in the music.
Tivon Pennicott - Syos

Tivon Pennicott

Syos mouthpieces feel very comfortable, have tasty colors, and are better for health. The best option for me so far!
Jimmy Sax - Syos

Jimmy Sax

Syos has designed the alto saxophone mouthpiece I always wanted for comfort, attack, warmth and fullness of sound!
Todd Marcus - Syos

Todd Marcus

My Syos offers bass clarinetists a unique range of dynamics that are crucial to perform in acoustic settings without a microphone. It has unmatched power and projection necessary to be heard when the band gets louder and tempos are faster but it also has a flexibility that retains the natural warmth of the bass clarinet's tone.


"I have played in quite a few mouthpieces in my day but when I play my Syos, it just feels right! I don’t have to fight to get a clear sound and the playability is through the roof! Jamming over numerous styles of music with different levels of dynamics has become less a volatile endeavor for me. What I most like about the mouthpiece is the ability to achieve my personal sound. Creativity and innovation attracts me! My Syos checks off all of my boxes!"
Houston Patton

Houston Patton

"When I first received my Syos mouthpiece I had no idea what to expect. It all seemed to good to be true. However, the first notes I played showed me that it was absolutely true! The mouthpiece was great, and even exceeded my expectations. I was looking for a new mouthpiece because I had to return my other one to my father. My previous mouthpiece was my all time favorite, however my new SYOS takes that spot. Playing on SYOS mouthpieces gives me a sense of identity and uniqueness."
K. Calloway

K. Calloway

"Finding a mouthpiece that is comfortable and allows the player to play freely is a forever journey. Once I tried a Syos mouthpiece, the journey for comfortability was 'smooth sailing'. My Syos mouthpiece allowed me to figure out what I want out of my sound as a saxophonist and how comfortable I want to feel playing. It was also a confidence booster!"