John Moore

John Moore

"Syos mouthpieces let me focus on performing, and allow me to deliver the best performance possible. I recommend them to my students for their exceptional stability and wide range of sound possibilities."
Ueli Dörig - Syos

Ueli Dörig

“From the personalization of the mouthpiece to the playing experience – I love every step of my Syos journey!”
Steve Brickman - Syos

Steve Brickman

"Syos mouthpieces make playing a truly inspiring and effortless experience. On top of that, getting to choose what color your mouthpiece is makes the whole experience extra special and personalized. Once I played Syos, my approach changed from how I was physically playing the horn to what I wanted to create musically."
Wenbo Feng - Syos

Wenbo Feng

"I believe that playing on Syos Mouthpiece is helping me a lot in order to find a good balance in my sound production: response, tone color, volume and timbre are directly accessible. This is the one as truly my “own” mouthpiece. The custom version that you could discuss every detail with the Syos engineers! This is a dream come true moment. This is all I want!! Amazing quality mouthpiece."
Jared Sims - Syos

Jared Sims

"My Syos mouthpiece gives me everything that I need -- a range of sound from powerful and screaming to sweet and nuanced tone -- and it's so easy blowing!"
Fred Gardette - Syos

Fred Gardette

With Syos color your sound!
Pae Sax - Syos

Pae Sax

A well-designed mouthpiece for recording and on stage for a sax player. What I like most because they are practical for my 2 different types of works. I am passionate about its lightweight, easy to carry, convenient to use, but very high quality. For me Syos is a world class mouthpiece that a Saxophone Artist would love.
Saxabapt - Syos


I didn't really need a new mouthpiece but I like the Syos concept. However, I was looking for a bass mouthpiece for my contrabass saxophone. So I took the custom-made option. At first, I was a bit confused by the new sound I got (I don't like change very much...), but my new Syos mouthpiece has now replaced my old one for good. Its ease of emission and its intonation accuracy are more than appreciable and it gives more presence to the saxophone sound. Hours of pleasure in perspective...
Zach Strouse - Syos

Zach Strouse

Syos mouthpieces give me the power and versatility to cut through walls of guitars and blast beats every night, and the nuance to give me some soft touch to calmer sections. I've never had a mouthpiece feel this comfortable on stage right out of the box!