An Tran - Syos

An Tran

Syos mouthpieces make me feel my youth and energy through their visual and sound. Visual and sound are very important together, and Syos nailed them both! That's why I love it!


An Tran or antransax (Tran Dam An Phuc) is an artist, a musician, and a dreamer. She was born in 2004, Ho Chi Minh City - Viet Nam. An Tran started playing piano when she was 5. She joined the cultural house of Saigon in the position of a dancer and singer when she was 6 years old. At the age of 8, she started doing acrylic painting, but then she fell in love with the saxophone when she turned 9. Since then, An started to focus on her saxophone/music studying, experimenting with different instruments, got to be ambassador of big names companies including Pmauriat Saxophone, Syos Mouthpiece and travel the world the perform at the age of 17.