Artur Medvedev - Syos

Artur Medvedev

The Syos mouthpiece helps me to play on my sax! We tried to make it several times and finally I am really happy with it! Small chamber and short facing gives me bright sound and easy articulation on fast lines. Syos piece gives me the right feeling which I have been looking for many years through many different pieces.

Artur Medvedev is a young Russian artist, charismatic and ambitious musician. Following the jazz spirit of John Coltrane, he creates his own emotional, eccentric and unexpected atmosphere. He explores all possible directions and is always open to the new and the unknown.

He plays the tenor saxophone and the EWI. He started playing music at the age of five. Deciding to move in this direction, he studied at a music school in Moscow, graduating with high distinction.

Artur continued his education in Belgium at the Lemmensinstituut. Artur's mentor was Frank Vaganee, an outstanding world-renowned saxophonist and leader of Brussels Jazz Orchestra. From that moment on, Artur's professional creative life began.

In 2014, he performed at two big festivals in Finland: Pori Jazz and Koli Jazz with the North River Ensemble. In 2015, Artur returned to Belgium and started playing with the Episphere band, performing twice at Gent Jazz. In 2016, with the Thelonious Monk Project, as representatives of the Lemmensinstituut, he performed at the Leuven Jazz Festival.

Trying different musical styles, Arthur created, in collaboration with Rafael Mertens on piano, a unique duet. They came in second place at the Bilzen jazz competition. At the Mechelen Jazz Contest, the M&M Duo qualified for the finals. In 2017, the duo was invited to the Haacht Jazz Festival.

In 2018, Artur was awarded the "Play Right" award for the best saxophone perfomance. Artur's main professional activity is working as a studio musician. His main styles are bebop, hardbop and funk/fusion. At the moment Artur plays in several bands in Europe and Russia. He will be recording a solo album in 2019.