Daro Behroozi - Syos

Daro Behroozi

These mouthpieces are fun to play! The good folks at Syos are doing a great service for saxophonists - they're researching and crafting mouthpieces that suit the specific needs of each individual musician, enabling us to further explore our individual sounds. And who doesn't want to play a green mouthpiece! ;)


Daro Behroozi is a multi-instrumentalist who performs, records, composes and arranges with the brass band Lucky Chops. A member of the band since they started playing at New York’s LaGuardia Arts High School, Daro has developed a deeply personal approach to the saxophone and other woodwinds. Drawing from a wide variety of stylistic and sonic influences, he has contributed a unique sound to the group's recorded music and high-energy live performances.

Outside of his time with Lucky Chops, he plays in a variety of musical projects in New York’s jazz and improvised music scenes, in addition to traditional and fusion ensembles highlighting the music of Central and Southwest Asia, North Africa, and the Balkans. His solo releases can be heard at darobehroozi.bandcamp.com.

We designed special Signature models for several of his instruments:
- A tenor mouthpiece très puissant et assez brillant
- A baritone mouthpiece, with a geometry really close to the one of his tenor
- A bass clarinet mouthpiece with a step baffle totally new to the world of clarinets, for incomparable projection.