Flo Blue - Syos

Flo Blue

Having the option to create a mouthpiece that's totally customizable is a pretty mind-blowing concept! Your sound on your instrument is so personal, so being able to extend that uniqueness even further through your equipment is a very cool thing. I was able to make a couple of adjustments to both my tenor & alto mouthpieces to get the exact sound I wanted and I couldn't be happier with them.


London based saxophonist, vocalist & songwriter Flo Blue exhibits a raw sound, combining jazz-fueled saxophone solos with delicate lyrics & honest vocals. She blurs the lines between jazz, pop and soul, taking influence from a diverse range of artists, including Braxton Cook, Bon Iver, Billie Eilish & Brad Meldau.

A true musician to her core, Flo writes all her own music including the arrangements for strings & horns. Always searching for new sounds, she also melds acoustic & electronic soundworlds with her saxophone FX pedal board & vocoder. Her debut EP Just Listen will be released in 2022.