Greg Osby

Greg Osby

"SYOS presents artists the option to customize their mouthpiece design and particulars via description and suggestion. This alone makes SYOS the obvious choice for all professional and aspiring saxophone and clarinet players who aim to elevate their output with a personalized sonic stamp. Your sound is the first thing everyone hears and what they will remember the most."

Saxophonist, composer, producer, educator and curator Greg Osby has been a formidable presence on the international music scene as a leader of his own ensembles and as a guest artist with other acclaimed groups for the past 40 years.

He is highly regarded for his guidance and mentorship to younger musicians as well as his insightful and innovative approach to composition and performance, Osby is an inspired and unique voice among the ranks of contemporary improvising musicians.

He has earned countless awards and universal acclaim for his recorded works and passionate live appearances and has been recognized by The New York Times as one of the "most provocative musical thinkers of his generation".

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