Human Pattern - Syos

Human Pattern

What I immediately loved about my Syos mouthpiece is the richness of the sound even when playing at low volume. On stage I use a lot of effects (pitch, filter, distortion...) and I have to make sure that the direct acoustic sound of my sax is not overly present so that the audience can enjoy the sound amplified and modified by my effects pedals. This mouthpiece makes it a pleasure to play at low levels with energy and precision!


Following a trip to Berlin, and a genuine infatuation with German minimal techno, Human Pattern set himself the challenge of reproducing the surgical sounds of electronic machines and the abstract textures of synthesizers using only his instrument: the saxophone.

Using guitar effect pedals, microphones of all kinds and his computer, he hijacks his horn instrument to make an electrified, colder and more synthetic version of it.

Human Pattern brings an unusual vision of the saxophone to the table: dark, repetitive and minimalist.

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