Jean-François Petitjean - Syos

Jean-François Petitjean

Working on my custom-made mouthpiece allowed me to flesh out my sound: power, roundness, homogeneity, projection... I like to be able to try, modify, elaborate, discuss, take the time to find the right formula. This human approach, which is rare, seems essential to me. The range of mouthpieces offered allows you to find the one that matches your style, your desires, at an affordable price. And then there is the color... More than the future, Syos represents the now! Many thanks to them.


After studying at the Bordeaux Conservatory (with a degree in saxophone and composition studies), Jean-François Petitjean listened to and studied the great jazz masters developing a taste for free improvisation.

In 2007 he learned about soundpainting which he practices regularly as a musician or soundpainter. His encounters with Walter Thompson, the creator of Soundpainting, and François Jeanneau allowed him to realize the importance and qualities of this language.

He currently plays in various jazz bands, including : Healing Orchestra (Free jazz), Imaginary Africa (Jazz/world music), Yosh! (Saxophone Quartet), Castro Quartet (Jazz), and performs at various venues in France and Europe.

As a composer, he has written several pieces of contemporary music, musical tales, show music (dance, theatre...) and short films.

After obtaining the State Diploma in Jazz and Soundpainting certification in 2010, he divides his time between teaching jazz and improvisation, and working on personal projects.

He plays his Syos mouthpiece on "Origin ", the new Castro Quartet album released in September 2021.