Kaho Wong - Syos

Kaho Wong

Using Syos mouthpiece is the ultimate solution for any saxophonist as well as multi-winds player. My mouthpieces produce a unique and powerful timbre. The Syos engineers created a very good balance and fulfilled all my requirements. I can switch my wind instruments easily without pain.


Kaho Wong is a graduate from Hong Kong Baptist University where he studied classical flute and composition. Meanwhile, he also self-taught and played saxophone as his second instrument. Kaho is working as a Hong Kong based musician and frequently giving performances in different musical scenes and venues such as Hong Kong Coliseum, Queen Elizabeth Stadium, HKCEC, Hong Kong City Hall, Fringe Club, etc. Kaho's classical and jazz music training gives him the opportunity to work in various musical fields from classical and jazz to pop concerts. Over the years, he performed and recorded with numerous musicians and well-known artists in Hong Kong.

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