Kyle Tefft - Syos

Kyle Tefft

Most new saxophone mouthpieces give me something fresh and exciting at the start, but as I play them more they start to feel bland and I begin to find the limitations of the mouthpiece. With the SYOS mouthpiece the opposite is true, the more I play it, the more I fall in love with it, the more it fits me. Any sound, mood, or color I wish, I can make. I struggled for years to find the saxophone mouthpiece made just for me, and now I've found it in SYOS. It really gets out of the way and lets me be me!

Kyle Tefft is from the Santa Barbara area and is a Bachelors graduate from Los Angeles College of Music in Pasadena.

Kyle grew up playing various instruments, but once he found the saxophone, he dedicated himself to it. While studying music at Santa Barbara City College, Kyle learned to appreciate the value of teachers who could inspire their students and create a safe, friendly, educational environment.

Through those kinds of teachers, Kyle also learned that he loved teaching and passing on the knowledge that was shared to him. His love of the saxophone and teaching were noticed by his instructors at SBCC and they hired him on as their Summer Jazz Beginning Saxophone Instructor, where he taught students in groups of 2-15 at a time.

This experience began his nearly eight year career of gigging, teaching and composing. He also played with local bands and artists in the Santa Barbara area, including Michael McDonald during a number of charity events.

Kyle has been awarded a number of improvisational awards at numerous jazz competitions as well as a recent Downbeat Student Music Award for Undergraduate College Outstanding Performance. Kyle is a true creative at heart, always striving to express and share the emotion in the music and to connect to others through it.

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