Matthew Smith - Syos

Matthew Smith

I asked Syos to copy the mouthpiece I was currently using, but to improve the warmth and brightness and to make the altissimo easier… They did it all - first try! I am SO excited every time I play now, my sound is developing all the time; I feel like I’m finally finding the sound I’ve been searching for!

Matthew has been playing professional engagements since 1994, aged 15. He became a full time professional musician after graduating from the Leeds College of Music (UK) in 2000.

He has recorded sessions for BBC Television and Radio, ITV, Channel 4, and Sky Television, and has toured and recorded throughout the UK and in Europe with a wide range of bands and artists.

To date, Matthew has 3 albums to his name, with his 4th album being released in the Autumn of 2020.

Matthew is in-demand as an educator, with pupils across the globe through his website

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