Mike Lesirge - Syos

Mike Lesirge

My Syos mouthpiece was instantly free-blowing and easy to play; it has a round, full sound that works in large variety of contexts, from jazz, to pop, to studio recording. It’s an expertly made and very versatile mouthpiece - highly recommended.

Mike Lesirge is a saxophone, woodwind and keyboard player, composer, producer, arranger and musical director.

Mike has been the musical director for Bonobo since 2010, playing saxophone, woodwind and keys in the Live Band, as well as writing and arranging strings for albums and live performances. He is also currently the musical director and arranger for breakthrough singer Arlo Parks; electronic artists George FitzGerald and MJ Cole; R&B legend Kelis; and pop singer CLOVES.

As a producer/composer for film, TV, radio and advertising, Mike writes for major production music labels, as well as producing bespoke compositions.

His music has been used extensively for TV and radio in shows like Family Guy, Good Morning America, EastEnders, Neighbours, Jimmy Kimmel Live, Saturday Night Live and The Big Bang Theory, as well as countless others across the world.

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