Nikolaus Holler - Syos

Nikolaus Holler

I find that my Syos mouthpiece is the most comfortable one to play on out of everything I have tried out so far. For every mouthpiece there is a compromise to be made; but my Syos one allows me to create a sound that is rich in overtones and all kinds of colors, and is open to multiphonic possibilities while keeping an easy-going and smooth control of intonation throughout the whole register. No matter if it is for a hip-hop piece, a contemporary orchestra or a swingin' show; it is ready for every style, which is very important to me.

Nikolaus Holler was born in 1994 in Styria. He is an Austrian multi-instrumentalist and a contemporary composer. He is a bandleader but also a sideman for several projects in many different genres. Nikolaus has been teaching in several schools and on workshops at high schools as well as universities since he was 18.

Holler graduated from the Kunstuniversität Graz's Institut Jazz with a Bachelor degree and obtained a Masters degree in Vienna at MUK.

He performed on renowned stages all over Austria and also travelled to countries all around Europe, the Middle East and Africa to share some of his music.