Peyton Womock - Syos

Peyton Womock

Syos helped me express my true colors through music, from my tone to the actual colors of my mouthpieces!

Peyton Womock is an artist known especially for his skills as a saxophonist. His music incorporates his sax playing to innovatively allow him to cross over multiple genres from Smooth Jazz, Funk, R&B, Hip-Hop, to Pop. He is known for performing popular covers loved and cherished by many while also performing original pieces of his very own. You are truly in for a special experience due to his performance energy being second to none when it comes to hitting the stage.

Since Peyton was an infant, he has had a unique bond with music—a bond that will last a lifetime. As a child, he would put together musical performances in his living room for his family to enjoy. Today, as a successful saxophonist, Peyton has created a public brand and image that expresses his passion, energy, and personal story through his art.


Peyton has garnered acknowledgement / worked alongside artists such as Lil Nas X, Bootsy Collins, Babyface, Gerald Albright, Take A Day Trip, members in Kanye West’s team, After 7, Emmy/Grammy award winning artist, and many other notable individuals. He has also gained over 1 million impressions through platforms such as Twitter, Youtube, and Instagram.

Peyton not only has knowledge of the music industry through performing, but also brings a unique perspective of music tech through his education at Indiana University.